Who We Are

Who We Are: Richard Phillips Tribute

Our organization started as the Suncoast Mortgage Bankers Association, Inc. as a trade organization composed of loan origination companies, servicing companies, and affiliated industry service providers. We have been serving Tampa Bay’s mortgage and housing industry since the early 1980’s and our members adhere to a canon of ethics that calls for the use of sound and ethical business practices.  Our mission is to keep members informed of Federal and State legislation and Agency changes which may affect their business, provide education through monthly meetings, and create opportunities to connect with peers on specific concerns and foster productive discussions as well as sharing of information.  In addition, we help make a community difference by partnering with the Children’s Home Network.  Year to date we have provided them with close to a half of million dollars in which those dollars go back directly to those potential at risk children and families providing compassionate and effective services that create opportunities for success.  We updated our name in 2007 changing it to the Mortgage Bankers Association of Tampa Bay, but still remain dedicated to carry on our mission to its fullest and best.

Even though our association has a character all its own, it is important to know where the roots of this great organization first sprouted from.  To know who Richard Phillips was, is to know who we at the MBA aspire to be…

Excerpt from Suncoast MBA News Letter, September 1986:

Saturday, September 13th 1986, was a day filled with sorrow on both sides of Tampa Bay.  Not only did the MBA lose a valued member of its association, a past President, and a President-elect, but a friend as well.  A friend to our industry and a friend to us throughout the state.  Many of us have been touched by Rick Phillips generosity, character and integrity for years.

Those of you who did not have the opportunity to meet Rick or to feel the sense of honor generated when he entered a room have missed a rate opportunity.  However, I can assure you with those people he befriended in our industry this same sense of honor will continue for many years to come.

Rick was Divisional Vice-President for Meritor Mortgage Corporation East.  He was currently serving as Vice President of our association and has been active on many of the committees and special project groups throughout his relationship with the Suncoast MBA.

Mr. Phillips recently received the Brown L. Whatley Award – the highest honor bestowed upon a mortgage banker by his peers in the State of Florida – at the last annual state conference.  It should also be pointed out that Mr. Phillips headed the convention committee which is on the chairman’s part.  These plans are worked on for a year prior to the convention.

Rick personified the definition of “workaholic”.  Always on the go … never saying no to a request to serve or to help.  Relentless in this effort for our MBA chapter and the mortgage banking industry.

Not to be neglected with all the responsibilities that Rick so willingly accepted were his two daughters – Mary Patricia and Elizabeth Morlan Phillips.   In addition to the many accomplishments Rick has made over the years, his most recent was his marriage to Sarah Ann Huff Phillips.  Our prayers and thoughts are with Sarah and the girls.